The Wearable Art Show

A groupshow with 30 artworks that can be moved, worn and carried by the audience. Selected and presented by Kreuzberg Pavillon at KNIPSU in Bergen/Norway.

Have you ever carried a work of art? How does the weight and the form of an artwork really feels, how heavy is it and what to do with it in an exhibition, where none of these works will have a steady place? You may pass the work to another visitor.

In this international project space exchange the Berlin based project Kreuzberg Pavillon hosts a wearable artshow at KNIPSU in Bergen, with 30 works by artists from Berlin and the nordic countries, that can be carried around and exchanged by the audience throughout the evening. A one-night event to expect the unexpected.

A group of artists, extending their own practice to the creation of new institutional settings started Kreuzberg Pavillon as an ongoing series of group shows happening every saturday in the district Kreuzberg in Berlin. Following its script over the past three years, Kreuzberg Pavillon has become one of the most active project spaces, mixing artistic practice with cultural activism in over 120 shows, and setting a new focus on alternative scripts for the presentation of artistic work.

Image: Maarja Nuurk / Project Pony

Naunynstrasse 53
Gartenstudio Berlin
10999 Berlin
Mail : kreuzbergpavillon (at) googlemail (dot) com
Public transport / ÖPNV : U1 / U8 Kottbusser Tor

Open: 2014-08-23 00:00:00
Close: 20140823

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