Supermarket Art Fair 2011

Nordic art express
18.02 – 20.02 2011
Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Nordic video art screening:

People look upon the world and imagine their own culture’s superiority. In the Nordic Countries this is not an appropriate way of thinking. Even though we know that our democracy is the best, and our society the most developed, open-minded and free. One of the finest places to live, with the State as a protecting web underneath us.

How ever some slip through the net. Nordic Art Express presents video art outside the conformity of a self-indulgent lullaby.

Goodiepal (DK/FO) – Nina Lassila (FI) – Kim S. Groustra (NO) – Jas Domicz (PL) – Mateusz Sadowski (PL) – Mattias Härenstam(SE) – Sigurdur Gudjonsson (IS) – Jorunn Myklebust Syversen (NO) – Joanna Rytel (SE) – Björk Viggosdottir (IS) – Johanna Lecklin (FI), Hilde Honerud (N)

Kristin Tårnesvik, Hilde Jørgensen & Maya Økland

supermarket 2011