Gruppe 11
23.05 – 29.05 2011
Komediebakken 9

GRUPPE 11 (Group 11) consists of 9 members who together graduated with a BFA from the Art Academy in Bergen in the spring of 2011. We have studied side by side at the Department of Photography for three years and always been interested and involved in each other’s work. As a natural continuation of the good dialogue and an important friendship, we are tonight launching the artist collective Gruppe 11. The choice of name felt naturally as our artistic practices are very scattered when it comes to themes and expressions, so it would be difficult to find a “title” that felt right for everyone. The name has an obvious link to Gruppe 66 (Group 66), a radical group that in their time among other things, helped start the Vestlandske Art Academy, as a result of the groups interest for contemporary sculpture. We look at Gruppe 66’s will power and visibility as very inspiring and interesting.

On the occasion of the launch of the Gruppe 11 would like to invite to the re-opening of our Bachelor exhibition in gallery KNIPSU. The exhibition is now called Fluktforsøk (Escape Attempt) and is a revised edition of the bachelor exhibition, which was on display from 18 to 22 May. We are also launching a publication where external textual contributors are invited to say a few words about the status quo of photography in art today, etc. You can among other things, read what Gard Frantzen, who acted as one of the students two external examiners during examinations, thinks about the issue that Photography is a specialized education in the institution, why is it not under the fine art umbrella?, and what does Prof. in the field of Photography at KHiB Heli Rekula, actually thinks about Gruppe 11?

It will also pop up a novelty shop, where we will sell various publications and other items that the members of Gruppe 11 have made. In addition, there will be performances and Laurie Grundt from Gruppe 66 will cut the silk ribbon, read a poem and thus mark Gruppe 11 and Fluktforsøk as opened.

Gruppe 11 consists of Hedvig Biong, Elias Björn, Eivind Egeland, Audar Kantun, Carl-Oskar Linné, Marius Moldvær, Arne Vegar Pedersen, Marthe Elise Stramrud and Ellen Henriette Surhke.