Tupajumi Foundation
24.08 2012
Komediebakken 9


KNIPSU is teaming up with the Tupajumi foundation to organize the 7th FITAX taking place in Europe, thus offering an alternative way of Wheeling and Dealing Art in Bergen, Norway.

The goal of the event is the direct exchange of art works between collectors & artists or amongst artists without any intermediate or money involved in the trading.

The perfect moment to renew your collection, to start a collection, or just to swap an artwork.

There will be only 100 participants, a mixture of artists and collectors
invited by either KNIPSU or selected by the Tupajumi foundation.

Tupajumi will even bring artworks from Dutch artists which can be traded Live via Skype or in person!!

And this time: You can bring 2 artworks worth of approx. 3500NOK / 500€ each
(50NOK / 6,70€ registration fee per artwork)