Die Schwelle

Die Schwelle is the German translation of the Norwegian word terskelen,– the threshold. The threshold (the inner blockage) is a loaded place, and the title of Ytter and KNIPSU’s latest collaboration. The threshold is the marking of a crossing, a place of change and transistion.

Some of the motifs and themes that the artists are circling are landscapes that within them embody destruction, deformation and transformation, human interference, overview from above, micro- and macroperspectives, rituals and passage. In many cultures, superstition is linked to the physical threshold of a door opening: it is not an indifferent matter which foot treads first. The threshold functions as a cursor in time and space, a border/division between the past and the future and identifies an adjustment of condition, consciousness and insight.

The title and the associations it offers, is the assemblage that the exhibition is built upon. The artistic work is not individually and strictly limited, but rather tell fragmented yet coordinated narratives. The artistic/curatorial method is to alternately work alone and thereafter find points of contact in our work. Shared possible compositions and further collaborations are found. The curating of the exhibition is a common ground, and the project is open for upheavel and upset,– or new structures.

Artists are the members of Ytter (Anne Marthe Dyvi, Julie Lillelien Porter & Anngjerd Rustand) and KNIPSU (Hilde Jørgensen & Maya Økland). In the making of the exhibition all artists take upon the role as artist curator and all decisions are made collectively by the present artists. This collaboration method has previously been used by the two artist groups on exhibitions in Stockholm, Bergen and Oslo.

Die Schwelle is supported by OCA and Bergen City Council.

Open: 2014-06-28 00:00:00
Close: 20140629

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  • Anngjerd Rustand Anne Marthe Dyvi Hilde Jørgensen Julie Lillelien Porter Maya Økland