Mount Failure

Andrea Csaszni Rygh & Daniel YI Andersson
26.11 – 03.12 2011
Komediebakken 9

Mount Failure
Strategies of the possessed

Mount Failure maps tendencies and displays fragments of ways in which we act, as individuals and collective individuals. It investigates and creates room for reflecting on modes of involvement, non-involvement, passions and convictions, however short-lived they may be. By juxta-positioning different lines of thoughts Mount Failure is an attempt to build a machine able to change flows. It produces a somewhat chaotic space where the urgent discourse of political involvement, strategies and tactics of engagement with our communities and environment is stressed. The materializing and collecting of ideas, the creating of spacial images and reproducible memories draws an outline, becomes a form, a new shifting entity: a mountain or a pile of passion. Something we can stare at, over and over again, in search for a new agent. It is a search by immersion and immersion by repetition, reconsideration, re-enactment and re-activism. This is the summoning of Mohammed’s Mount Safa, only this time the mountain will come (and that will be the – and?).

When do we act? What do we do, to what means and what pushes us to act? What will it take to invigorate any individual or collective individuals?

The indulging in compiling different ways of political involvement in an attempt to immerse it all, devour it all, is of course predetermined to fail. Still we are on the lookout for interfaces, spaces where new agency is possible. Mount Failure is an effort to find wormholes with potentiality of escape from current political and monetary subjectification.

Mount Failure at KNIPSU consists of 5 different parts:

“Mount Failure,” investigation – is a series of ongoing interviews concerning Bergen and it’s failures. “Share Your Indifference”, video – we asked humans to share their indifference. “Losers”, performance – we have closely followed the minimized polar explorer Hjalmar Johansen right into the jaws of neo-liberal capitalism. “Auto Illuminati”, performance, installation – Vigilantes.Taking things in your own hands. The apparatus will reveal itself. “Bed-in For Peace Stockholm 2009”, video – made from 84 hours of live footage from a 7 days, 12 hs a day performance from 2009. Re-activism; nutopia now.

Supported by BEK, Fund for Performing Arts (FFUK), Bergen City and Norwegian Arts Council.

Daniel YI Andersson and Andrea Csaszni Rygh started their collaboration in 2009 with the project ”Bed-in For Peace Stockholm 2009”. ”Bed-in For Peace Stockholm 2009” was created on invitation from The International Theatre Festival Perfect Performance and was performed during 7 days from a room at Clarion Hotel, Stockholm. Daniel and Andrea has since created the works ”Losers” performed at Museum of Modern Art Erarta and ”Auto Illuminati” at Dostoevski Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia. The most recent work is the performance ”My Girl Under The Cherry Moon” at Oslo Queer Festival 2011.

Andrea Csaszni Rygh works with dance and choreography and got her education at The Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. She is currently engaged in projects such as “Mount Failure – Strategies Of The Possessed” with Daniel Andersson, ”Heroes, I Love You” with Alexandra Sende, “Passion For Justice” with Linnéa Martinsson and series of projects with The Psychic Warfare. She is one of the founders of the group Diggapony Collaborations with whom she performed “Diggaponys goes West” 2010, “Mästerverk” 2009, “Shut your eyes up” 2009 and “Diggaponys hus”, 2010. The last couple of years she has also been involved in projects with artists/choreographers such as Daniel Andersson, Alexandra Sende, Linnéa Martinsson, Rebecca Chentinell, Amanda Pina, Sidney Leoni, Xavier le Roy, Mårten Spångberg, Carl Johan Rosén and Monica E. Herstad. Andrea also works with music performances under the name Easy Pony.

Daniel YI Andersson got his education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and graduated in 1989. He has been involved in projects spanning from music videos by Madonna to Rameau-operas in Paris. His recent works includes ”Fysisk Poesi”, ”Lose Lose Situation: Live in Russia!”, ”Jag & Robot”, ”Agamemnon – a tragic lecture”, ”Bumpers”, ”connexmannen”, ”Red” and ”t.lab” (w/Cristina Caprioli, Staffan Eek, Mateusz Herszka, Jukka Korpi). In 2009 Daniel made a series of Yoko Ono performances including, ”Cut Piece For Peace”, ”Cut Piece for WISP” and ”Bed-in For Peace Stockholm 2009” (w/ Andrea Csaszni Rygh). His recent collaborations includes works with artists Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Jules Buchholtz, Staffan Eek, Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena, Monica E. Herstad, Sanna Söderholm, Reich/Szyber and Anna Vnuk. As a dancer Daniel has worked with a wide range of choreographers and in different contexts, the most recent being Mats Ek at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. He is also currently working with Henrik Vikman in the project ”Olympians – a study in falling short” and Andrea Csaszni Rygh on the project ”Mount Failure – Strategies Of The Possessed”.

True Will


Melanie Bonajo
Hannaleena Heiska
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Kuratert av Hilde Jørgensen

11.11-11.12 2016


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Progress vs. Regress


Melanie Bonajo

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Oksana Shalygina
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Petr Pavlensky
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Forside 4 2015 enkel

Maya Zbib
Chrystele Khodr
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29.05 – 31.05 2015
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Marte Hodne Haugen
Julie Lillelien Porter
Rasmus Andreas Hungnes
Håkon Holm-Olsen
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Torgrim Sund
Hilde Jørgensen
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14.03 2015
Kreuzberg Pavillon

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Vapen och Dramatik
Mariken Halle
Ronja Svenning Berge
Clara Bodén
04.12 2014
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall

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The Wearable Art Show


Kreuzberg Pavillon
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Clemens Wilhelm
Ernst Dan Widh
Anna Törrönen
Achim Stiermann
Mariann Steiro
Tonje Høydahl Sorli
Simon Skuteli
Mari Sivertsen Norddahl
Oliver Roura
Mr. Peluche
Anne Marte Overaa
Arne Skaug Olsen
Maarja Nuurk
Olof Nimar
Paula Muhr
Eva Ljosvoll
Malin Lennström-Örtwall
Rasmus Hungnes featuring Ellen Ringstad
Azusa Kuno
Kathrin Köster
Nina Hannah Kornatz
Kveta Kazmukova
Sarah Hillebrecht
Kari Anne Helleberg
Bahri Johna Hansen
Jonathan Jung / Michel Wagenschütz
Hilde Frantzen
Benedikt Dichgans
Eleanor Clare
Wera Buck
Thomas Behling
Komediebakken 9

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Die Schwelle


Ytter + KNIPSU;
Anngjerd Rustand
Anne Marthe Dyvi
Hilde Jørgensen
Julie Lillelien Porter
Maya Økland
28.06 – 29.06 2014
Galerie Toolbox, Berlin

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Producing novel forms, alienating familiar ones: Affinities between experimental aesthetics and art production

Talk by Winfried Menninghaus

22.05 2014
Komediebakken 9

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The Pleasure of Negative Emotions


Mattias Härenstam
Jessie Kleemann
Iben Mondrup
Paula Muhr
Perttu Saksa
21.05 – 15.06 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Emotional Exposures, Or: When Art Met Science at the Gallery

Essay by Mira Shah and Christine A. Knoop


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Anonymous Nationalist


Petr Pavlensky
25.04 – 11.05 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow, Poland

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Ane Lan
28.03 – 27.04 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Ave Maria


Marte Gunnufsen
14.02 – 09.03 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Komediebakken 9

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Mathijs van Geest
Bjørn Mortensen
Jake Davidson
Christopher Holloran
Nina Barnett
Robyn Nesbitt
Ming-Hwa Yeh
Apichaya Wanthiang
23.01 – 26.01 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Into the Woods


Edwina Goldstone
Jussi Goman
Maija Helasvuo
Antti Oikarinen
Pilvi Ojala
Anneli Sipiläinen
Anssi Taulu
Veijo Ulmanen
15.11 – 08.12 2013
Komediebakken 9

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Nora C Nerdrum
Hilde Herming
Dag Solhjell
Karin Hindsbo
Sigrun Åsebø
Annette Kierulf
Knut Jøsok
Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen

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Wiam Alaridi
Susanne Christensen
Benedicte Clementsen & Jennifer Johansson
Föreningen JA!
Frans Jacobi
Kwestan Jamal
Mor & Jerry
Olga Jitlina
Taisiya Krougovykh
Anna Kubista Löfman, Sigrid Fivelstad, Madeleine Hofsøy & Tova Fransson
Charlotte Myrbråten
Petr Pavlensky
Hilde Sofie Pettersen
Anna Prikhodko
Ekaterina Sharova
Leo Shumba, Sara Kollstrøm & Numi Thorvarsson
Ksenia Sorokina
Sound of Sotra
Annika Ström
Tanja Thorjussen
Synnøve G Wetten
Fensalen/BIKS, Kong Oscarsgate 15, Bergen

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Gallery FIST
03.09 2013
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen

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MBOS 660x480_220 dpi

Chto Delat?
Keti Chukhrov
Francis Hunger
31.08 – 27.10 2013
Komediebakken 9

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100 år med stemmerett – så hvorfor holder kunstnerne kjeft?


Ane Lan
Grethe Melby
Samir M´kadmi
Wencke Mühleisen
Kjetil Røed
Vibeke Tandberg
15.06 2013
Litteraturhuset, Bergen

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Joanna Rytel
Arne Skaug Olsen
Gitte Sætre
Erik Bromö
Benedicte Leinan Clementsen
Gabriel Edvinsson
Sigrid Fivelstad
Tova Fransson
Gabriella Forzelius
Lina Grenaker
Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang
Madeleine Hofsøy
Frida McIntosh
Jennifer Johansson
Maria Jonsson
Henrik Koppen
Anne Larsen
Anna Kubista Löfman
Thea Meinert
Ina Rebecka Porselius
Leo Shumba
Numi Thorvarsson
Tord Torp
22.05 – 23.06 2013
Komediebakken 9

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10.05 – 02.06 2013
BOA, Oslo

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KNIPSU Presenterer:


Kunstnergruppen FRAKSJON
11.05 – 15.05 2013
Komediebakken 9

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Guerrilla Girls
10.04 2013
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall

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POWER TO CHANGE! Strategies in Feminist and Human Rights Activism


Helga Nyman
Joanna Rytel
Arne Skaug Olsen
Afrah Nasser
Steven Dixon
09.04 2013
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

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Jonas Ib Jensen
Hilde Jørgensen
Marte Gunnufsen
Johannes Langkamp
Martijn Moedars
Jasmin Moeller
Maya Økland
18.03 – 31.03 2013
Extrapool, Nijmegen

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Tales from the womb

TF Skolekorps(1)

08.03 – 24.03 2013
Komediebakken 9

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