Mathijs van Geest
Bjørn Mortensen
Jake Davidson
Christopher Holloran
Nina Barnett
Robyn Nesbitt
Ming-Hwa Yeh
Apichaya Wanthiang
23.01 – 26.01 2014
Komediebakken 9

I Love Your Manners
Full of Deceit

23.01-26.01.2014 at KNIPSU
Opening 23.01.2014 at 7pm
Lectures 24th Jan at 2pm-4pm @ BEK

Opening hours
24th 1 – 5pm & 7pm-11pm
25th from 1-5pm
26th 12 – 4pm

This group exhibition is a play on the two verbs ‘to deceit’ and ‘to decipher’: The chosen works ontologically function like proposals for alternative readings – readings that are playing either with the visual structures of objects or either with the digital on screen surfaces. Goal is to explore structures that are advancing the materiality of objects and sculptures or this materiality can also be the syntax, the structures, layering, rhythm and flow of video.

In particular the artists are touching on following themes: A visual language that is a breaking down of thoughts as proposed in Christopher Holloran’s work Fully Functional Family – a structure that is guiding the eye, slowing down movements, making sure you get awakened and engaged through minimal narration such as in Jake Davidson’s two channel video Elsewhere and Present. Furthermore we are looking at spatial relationships that shift the hierarchy of objects, and make you wander and relate in Bjorn Mortensen’s spatial installations and in the poetic play on banality that emphasizes the thin line, between art and life in Mathijs Van Geest sculptures. Finally Nina Barnett and Robin Nesbitt in collaboration with dancer Ming-Hwa Yeh in the work Experiments in Mirage-Making III are working with ideas relating to that of the director and the performer, and the eye of a subject in contra disctinction to the eye of the camera: where bodies perform with the idea of a ‘mirage’. In the work Same Seine, Nina Barnett is investigating what it means to encounter new places and the movements, observations and passing of time, where narration is not hidden under the skin but rather it is carried through it. The works are flirting with the themes ‘to decipher’ and ‘to deceit’: aim here is to explore not in words but through making.

On the opening night we will release a small publication Called I Love Your Manners Full of Deceit: A Compendium in collaboration with Apis Press. This booklet will hint and give us information on the artists’ engagement. Basically it is an inter-textual guide to the exhibition.

On friday the 24th of Jan, J. Davidson and C. Holloran will give artist presentations at BEK, from 2pm to 4pm.

Group exhibition curated by Apichaya Wanthiang for BEK

The exhibition has generously been supported by BEK, KNIPSU and Bergen Kommune

Mathijs van Geest (b.1985) Through subtle and cryptic traces in the sideline of the everyday, Mathijs van Geest looks for simple ways to question cultural understandings in which established conveniences and materials are re-arranged and re-valued. His practice oscillates between traditional and domestic sculptural techniques, creating a relationship that is both formal and deeply subjective. Mathijs van Geest received his BA at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and his MA at the National Academy of Arts and Design in Bergen in 2011. He has curated and exhibited widely nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include I-Traces Ayent Switzerland, Side Effects EKKM Tallinn, Mondays Begin Online and Det Glade Bergen in Bergen. Beside his own practice Mathijs van Geest is part of the artist collaboration Katla. In collaboration with Bjørn Mortensen he runs the small publishing house: Apis Press.

Bjorn Mortensen (b. 1977) Often composed of craft-like objects with a home-made aesthetic, which may remind the viewer of utility articles, Bjørn Mortensen’s work readily appropriates the form and dimensions of recognisable domestic objects such as decorative items and ornaments, interior design, tie-dye and flower pots. Formally the work often meditates on the formless and amorphous, crashing with strict and rigid geometric models or architectural components. The work frequently engages in a dialog with (art) history, while underneath the surface, a psychological space of dysfunctionality and repression is lurking.

For this show, Bjørn is planning to show a large landscape painting as a backdrop for an assemblage of objects.

Bjørn Mortensen has recently had Solo shows at Pasatge in Barcelona and Tagteam Studio in Bergen. Most recently he also was part of the parasite exhibition to Bergen Assembly, “Potsyd” in Bergen. Bjørn also runs several small publishing houses including “Apis Press” (w/Mathijs van Geest) and “Sherpa Press”. He also runs the project space “tollbodallmenningen 39” out of his studio, sporadically showing collaborative projects or group exhibitions.

Jake Davidson (b.1986) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He makes objects, interventions, and moving images that encourage indirect, subjective, and minor moments of political realization. He holds a BFA from the California Institute of the Arts and an MFA from Bard College. In 2013 he travelled through Palestine to shoot Elsewhere and Present, a 2 channel video installation that focuses on an intimate relationship alongside Palestine’s telecommunication industry.

Christopher Holloran (b.1987) is UK born artist living and working in Amsterdam, NL. His applied mediums range from projection based installations to films and animations but each with a firm basis in exploring hyperreality and derealisation. His new work Fully Functional Family shown at Knipsu combines interviews, sound / video recordings, original rap songs and animations of a one week chance meeting in Berlin between four individuals – the work becomes a recapitulation of a seemingly insignificant week, and how the deception of recollecting memories is all we have to re-live a bygone moment in time.

Robyn Nesbitt (b.1984) and Nina Barnett (b.1983) have been working collaboratively for eight years, mostly at a distance (Barnett currently lives in Chicago, Robyn in Johannesburg) and periodically in close proximity on residencies. Over time, they have begun to describe the collaboration as a “third person”, separate from their individual lives and practices. Their sense of the others presence, when together or apart, makes space for a distinct way of thinking and making. There particular personalities (one subjective and sensitive, the other cerebral and pragmatic) form a necessary duality in the process, and in the work that results. In Experiments in Mirage-Making III (2013) the artists collaborated with Ming-Hwa Yeh, a Taiwanese choreographer and dancer, who placed and directed their bodies within a constructed studio setting. These sequences reflect a silent but palpable connection between the artists and the choreographer – based on an understanding through movement rather than language. The gestures are slow and methodical, and there is an awareness of the third person watching intently behind the camera. Robyn Nesbitt, Nina Barnett and Ming-Hwa Yeh were all artist in residence at Artist in Residence Bergen at USF Verftet in 2013.

Nina Barnett (b.1983) is a South African artist currently based in Chicago. She uses drawing, moving image and installation to examine particular landscapes in relation to time and vertical scale. Her work seeks connections between geology, narrative history and the physicality of surfaces, and playfully questions the relationship between theoretical and experienced qualities of site. Same Seine (2009) is about the Parisian river as a sightseer’s construct – this landmark as seen from the vantage point of a map, from one of the city’s 35 bridges or from the deck of a tour boat. In the video, boats filmed from a Paris bridge float in and out of the split screen frame, creating patterns and mesmerizing shapes from their moving forms.

Apichaya Wanthiang(b. 1987) graduated at KHIB in 2012, is mostly active in painting and building immersive installations. At the moments she works as aspirant at BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Art and as guest teacher at KHIB. Upcoming Exhibition includes a curated exhibiton at KNIPSU(Bergen) called I Love Your Manner Full of Deceit opening 23th of January 2014, and a solo exhibition at USF Without Waiting for Her Reply, which will open 4th of April 2014.

True Will


Melanie Bonajo
Hannaleena Heiska
Kamilla Langeland
Josefine Lyche
Kimmo Kumela
Kasper Muttonen

Kuratert av Hilde Jørgensen

11.11-11.12 2016


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Progress vs. Regress


Melanie Bonajo

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Oksana Shalygina
Siri Borgé
Petr Pavlensky
Tania Bruguera
Anton Nikolaev
Natali Cohen Vaxberg
Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall

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Forside 4 2015 enkel

Maya Zbib
Chrystele Khodr
Francesca Borri
Dona Timani
Liwaa Yazji
Etel Adnan
10.12 2015
Kunsthall Stavanger

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Mohamad al Roumi
Dona Timani
Amanda Abi Khalil
Mey Sefan
Tammam Azzam
Nayssam Jalal
Khaled al Jaramani
Mohanad al Jaramani
Meyar al Roumi
Walid el Masri
Walaa Dakak
Shada Safadi
Andrea Lange
Omar Nicolas
Amélie Duhamel
Emad Mustafa
Ahmad Kaddour
Akram Al Halabi
Ali Kaaf
Ammar Abd Rabbo
Assem Al Bacha
Bahram Hajou
Dino Ahmad Ali
Firas Jabakhanji
Iman Hasbani
Jaber Al Azmeh
Kjetil Selvik
Khaled Al Khani
Khaled Takreti
Khouloud Al Zghayare
Monif Ajaj
Mohamad Omran
Muzaffar Salman
Yaser Safi
Amjad Wardeh
Eyas al Mokdad
29.05 – 31.05 2015
Festplassen & Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall

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Marte Hodne Haugen
Julie Lillelien Porter
Rasmus Andreas Hungnes
Håkon Holm-Olsen
Pål Misje
Torgrim Sund
Hilde Jørgensen
Maya Økland
14.03 2015
Kreuzberg Pavillon

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Vapen och Dramatik
Mariken Halle
Ronja Svenning Berge
Clara Bodén
04.12 2014
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall

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The Wearable Art Show


Kreuzberg Pavillon
Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Clemens Wilhelm
Ernst Dan Widh
Anna Törrönen
Achim Stiermann
Mariann Steiro
Tonje Høydahl Sorli
Simon Skuteli
Mari Sivertsen Norddahl
Oliver Roura
Mr. Peluche
Anne Marte Overaa
Arne Skaug Olsen
Maarja Nuurk
Olof Nimar
Paula Muhr
Eva Ljosvoll
Malin Lennström-Örtwall
Rasmus Hungnes featuring Ellen Ringstad
Azusa Kuno
Kathrin Köster
Nina Hannah Kornatz
Kveta Kazmukova
Sarah Hillebrecht
Kari Anne Helleberg
Bahri Johna Hansen
Jonathan Jung / Michel Wagenschütz
Hilde Frantzen
Benedikt Dichgans
Eleanor Clare
Wera Buck
Thomas Behling
Komediebakken 9

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Die Schwelle


Ytter + KNIPSU;
Anngjerd Rustand
Anne Marthe Dyvi
Hilde Jørgensen
Julie Lillelien Porter
Maya Økland
28.06 – 29.06 2014
Galerie Toolbox, Berlin

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Producing novel forms, alienating familiar ones: Affinities between experimental aesthetics and art production

Talk by Winfried Menninghaus

22.05 2014
Komediebakken 9

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The Pleasure of Negative Emotions


Mattias Härenstam
Jessie Kleemann
Iben Mondrup
Paula Muhr
Perttu Saksa
21.05 – 15.06 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Emotional Exposures, Or: When Art Met Science at the Gallery

Essay by Mira Shah and Christine A. Knoop


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Anonymous Nationalist


Petr Pavlensky
25.04 – 11.05 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow, Poland

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Ane Lan
28.03 – 27.04 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Ave Maria


Marte Gunnufsen
14.02 – 09.03 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Komediebakken 9

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Mathijs van Geest
Bjørn Mortensen
Jake Davidson
Christopher Holloran
Nina Barnett
Robyn Nesbitt
Ming-Hwa Yeh
Apichaya Wanthiang
23.01 – 26.01 2014
Komediebakken 9

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Into the Woods


Edwina Goldstone
Jussi Goman
Maija Helasvuo
Antti Oikarinen
Pilvi Ojala
Anneli Sipiläinen
Anssi Taulu
Veijo Ulmanen
15.11 – 08.12 2013
Komediebakken 9

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Nora C Nerdrum
Hilde Herming
Dag Solhjell
Karin Hindsbo
Sigrun Åsebø
Annette Kierulf
Knut Jøsok
Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen

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Wiam Alaridi
Susanne Christensen
Benedicte Clementsen & Jennifer Johansson
Föreningen JA!
Frans Jacobi
Kwestan Jamal
Mor & Jerry
Olga Jitlina
Taisiya Krougovykh
Anna Kubista Löfman, Sigrid Fivelstad, Madeleine Hofsøy & Tova Fransson
Charlotte Myrbråten
Petr Pavlensky
Hilde Sofie Pettersen
Anna Prikhodko
Ekaterina Sharova
Leo Shumba, Sara Kollstrøm & Numi Thorvarsson
Ksenia Sorokina
Sound of Sotra
Annika Ström
Tanja Thorjussen
Synnøve G Wetten
Fensalen/BIKS, Kong Oscarsgate 15, Bergen

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Gallery FIST
03.09 2013
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen

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MBOS 660x480_220 dpi

Chto Delat?
Keti Chukhrov
Francis Hunger
31.08 – 27.10 2013
Komediebakken 9

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100 år med stemmerett – så hvorfor holder kunstnerne kjeft?


Ane Lan
Grethe Melby
Samir M´kadmi
Wencke Mühleisen
Kjetil Røed
Vibeke Tandberg
15.06 2013
Litteraturhuset, Bergen

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Joanna Rytel
Arne Skaug Olsen
Gitte Sætre
Erik Bromö
Benedicte Leinan Clementsen
Gabriel Edvinsson
Sigrid Fivelstad
Tova Fransson
Gabriella Forzelius
Lina Grenaker
Sara Kollstrøm Heilevang
Madeleine Hofsøy
Frida McIntosh
Jennifer Johansson
Maria Jonsson
Henrik Koppen
Anne Larsen
Anna Kubista Löfman
Thea Meinert
Ina Rebecka Porselius
Leo Shumba
Numi Thorvarsson
Tord Torp
22.05 – 23.06 2013
Komediebakken 9

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10.05 – 02.06 2013
BOA, Oslo

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KNIPSU Presenterer:


Kunstnergruppen FRAKSJON
11.05 – 15.05 2013
Komediebakken 9

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Guerrilla Girls
10.04 2013
Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall

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POWER TO CHANGE! Strategies in Feminist and Human Rights Activism


Helga Nyman
Joanna Rytel
Arne Skaug Olsen
Afrah Nasser
Steven Dixon
09.04 2013
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek

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Jonas Ib Jensen
Hilde Jørgensen
Marte Gunnufsen
Johannes Langkamp
Martijn Moedars
Jasmin Moeller
Maya Økland
18.03 – 31.03 2013
Extrapool, Nijmegen

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Tales from the womb

TF Skolekorps(1)

08.03 – 24.03 2013
Komediebakken 9

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